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Beth Franchini
Licensed Professional Counselor

You have found yourself at my site because you have decided to ask for help or you are researching if therapy is the right fit for you. Maybe you have been to therapy and it didn't help or it actually made things worse. Reaching out for help might feel really out of your comfort zone because you are used to handling problems on your own. I get it!

We live in a culture that sends the messages we should "go it alone," "get over it already," or "buck up." I work with adults who have spent years trying to do just that. The results are that they continue to struggle at work, in relationships, parenting and their inner critic is brutal.

My goal is to provide a therapy experience that is positive, hopeful, healing and gives you the tools to meet your own needs and take care of yourself and your life.

Taking your next step might be to reach out and call or email me to see if I'm the right fit for you. I look forward to hearing from you!